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by Skitea

it is amazing how ho you have been doing better every year! you make every detail on this digital drawing and you make it look so clear...

Some stuff about me

Name: Isabella rose

Height: 5'9

weight: 140

birthdate: May 11th

year: 1999

zodiac: Taurus

hair color: blonde

length: long

eye color: blue

skin color: peach

favorite food: I like a lot of foods, not really that picky

least favorite food: don't really have one :/

single/taken: not looking for a relationship right now

sexual orientation: ???

place of birth: Sweden

living now: Sweden

Grade: 12th

where do I live: in a house (duh)

so here is some stuff about me. ^^



Hato Kawa
Naruto Shippūden Road To Ninja Template 


*If there's anything in BRACKETS you don't think is necessary,remove them please*


Name: Hāto Kawa 


Name meaning: Hāto (heart) Kawa (river)

Nicknames: doesn't have any (hates nicknames) 

Titles: Water beast 

Birth: may 11th 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

Affiliation: doesn't like to be around people but he doesn't mind being around Reina and Menma (RTN naruto) 

Species: human 

Gender: male 

Personality: cold, aggressive, possisve, stubborn, short temp

Usual Personality[In the real world]: kind, easy going, awkward, friendly, patient 

Hobbies: fighting 


Hair color: pale aqua 

Hairstyle(s): messy 

Eye color: faded aqua

Skin color: paleish 

Makeup/Facepaint/Tattoos/: none

Piercings: none 

Powers/abilities: water 

Usual abilities[In the real world]: his jutsu is water as well 


- is covered with scars
- smokes 
- enjoys fighting 
- is very possisive over Reina 
- Hāto has the personality of his father in the original world 


Character: Hāto Kawa 

Voice actor/actress: Travis Hampton 

Roleplaying as: Roy Mustang (from FMA brotherhood) 



This bio and Reina belongs to
White demon oc ref

 Real Name: Èmó Ling

 Alias: Candy man, Pianist, Zaigoil 

 Meaning to Name: Èmó (means demon in Chinese)

 Nickname(s): demon boy (candy man) 

 Age: 25

 Birthplace: China 

 Language(s): Chinese and English (speaks chinese mostly)

 Voice:… (plays as roy mustang from FMA) 

 Current Residence: works alone 

 Gender: male

 Species/Race: demon/human 

 Status: Active 

 Alliance: teams up with candy man at times 

 Weapon(s): large machete 

 Method of Killing: slicing the victim 

 Goal/Reason to Kill: targets women, men, children 

 Phrase: "you made a big mistake to come here?" 

 Theme song:…

 Hobby(ies): spending time with zaigoil, taking walks threw forests 

 Special Item(s): his mask, he covers his demon eye with it that his grandfather gave him when he was a teen 

 Dislikes: children, people that wronged him, candy man (still is his friend though) 

 Fear(s): water 

 Personality: cruel, cold, aggressive and violent when angered 

Èmó Ling was born in the countryside of china and lived with his mother, older brother, and his grandfather. He was called a demon threw his life because of his appearance and his aggressiveness, he was mostly called a demon from his grandfather when he accidentally broke a cross a small statute of the god called Yu-huang that was on a shelf in the kitchen. His grandfather saw this and called him the devil for he had broke their god and his appearance and actions of a demon. So his mother had enough and brought him to a high priest to see if he is really the devil, and it actually turned out that he is possessed by a demon called Yaoguai a demon that was given to him from his father that disappeared on White demon's 1st birthday. The family tried many ways to get rid of this demon, one of the ways they did this is by drowning him with holy water but it only gave him the fear of water for he almost died of drowning. His grandfather, mother, and older brother were terrified to find out that he was possessed by a feared demon in their religion. The family tried many ways to get rid of this demon, one of the ways they did this is by drowning him with holy water but it only gave him the fear of water for he almost died of drowning. White demon's grandfather had enough and kicked him out of the family and cursed him to never return. White demon lived in the woods and the only company he has is Yaoguai that talks to him in white demons head. For awhile he lived in the forest getting more angry of his family, he finally decided to kill his family for revenge with the help of Yaoguai. That night on a rainy day, he went back to his house and took a machete that was stuck on a tree trunk that belonged to his older brother to chop down wood. When he came to the house, he planned to kill his grandfather but he was not their for he died from a major nose bleed and lost a lot of blood. So it was only his mother and older brother. He killed his mother and older brother by slicing them into pieces in their sleep. When he lift the house, he burned it down and went back to the forest. 
  • Childhood: lived with his mother, older brother, and grandfather and stayed at the house and was not aloud to set foot outside for he would scare people away from his appearance. He accidentally broke the Yu-huang statue on the shelf in the kitchen when he got angry at his brother when he was making fun of him and calling him white demon. His grandfather saw this and cursed at Èmó Ling the devil. 
  • Adolescence/Teens: Èmó Ling mother took him to a priest and told them that he was possessed by the demon called Yaoguai when he was a young child, and that is why he keeps getting angered so easily. His family was scared of him and stayed away from him and tried to find away to make Èmó a normal teen, but nothing worked. Soon enough they lost hope and the grandfather kicked Èmó from the household and to never return until it demon is gone. For months he lives in the forest getting more and more angry at his family. He then decided to kill his family, when he went to the house his grandfather turned out to already be died so the only people he killed in his family was his mother and older brother. 
  • Adulthood: He still lives in the forest that is close by his home but sometimes visits it for food source or water and when its to cold to sleep in the forest (he sleeps up in trees). He kills anyone that enters his forest with a machete that he used to kill with on his family. He soon enough meets Zaigoil when she entered the forest looking for him and planned to kill him. But white demon didn't want to kill her for some reason. He started to become very close to Zaigoil and she visits him time to time and they soon started to become a couple. He also becomes friends with Candyman for some reason. 


 Orientation: Straight 

 Relationship: with Zaigoil 

 Family: Mother: Biyu Ling 
              Father: Al ling 
              Older brother: Liu Ling 
              Grandfather: Gui Wang (father of Biyu) 

 Allies/Friends: Candyman, Zaigoil, Pianist 

 Rivals: everyone else besides  Candyman, Zaigoil, and Pianist 


 Hair: jet black 

 Skin: white 

 Eyes: Right: pure black but the pupil is silver blue that glows when he is angry 
           Left: silver blue 

 Height: 6'7

 Weight: 210

 Body Type: AB

 Outfit: white turtle neck sweatshirt, black jeans, black boots 

 Accessories: a white mask that covers the right side of his face 


 Disorder(s): Psychosis (hallucinations) 

 Abilities/Strengths: good on his feet 

 Weaknesses/Faults: doesn't think before doing at times and fallows his emotions to much 

(Rate from 1-10, 10 being the highest/best)

 Intelligence: 7-10

 Strength: 8-10

 Speed: 9-10

 Agility: 10-10

 Endurance: 6-10

 Stamina: 7-10

 Balance: 10-10

 Tolerance: 5-10


  - is possessed by a demon called Yaoguai

  - falls in love with Zaigoil 

  - allies with Candyman 

  - his machete belonged to his older brother 

  - lives in the forest right by his old home 

  - in the countryside of china 

  - works alone (mostly)

I'm thinking of making Mika my cp oc! But I should change her name and make her title better then Mika 
Zaigoil oc ref
(Update relationships)


 Real Name: Charla Thorndik

 Alias: Zaigoil

 Meaning to Name: When Zalgo found her, he tricked her of thinking that he is her savior, she bought it and started to fallow him, since she was his first zalgoid, he gave her the name Zaigoil

 Nickname(s): none

 Age: 23

 Birthplace: Russia 

 Language(s): she speaks Russian 

 Voice: When she speaks english, she has a very thick Russian accent, so it is hard to understand what she is saying at times

 Current Residence: Russia 

 Gender: female

 Species/Race: zalgoid 

 Status: Active 

 Alliance: she works alone, she doesn't like to be with people

 Occupation: she works for Zalgo 

 Weapon(s): two "holy" daggers that was gift from zalgo

 Method of Killing: throat or lower stomach 

 Goal/Reason to Kill: whom ever Zalgo wants her to kill and people that have done the seven sins

 Phrase: "I'll give you a moment to pray to god"

 Theme song: Hold me down Halsey

 Hobby(ies): she enjoys reading old novels and listening to classical music

 Special Item(s): has a cross necklace that a priest gave her when she was nine
 Likes: old novels, classic music, calm, quite , being alone, rain 

 Dislikes: crazy and loud people, kids, sinners

 Fear(s): fire

 Personality: cold, short tempered, grumpy, negative 

 Backstory: Charla was born in Russia in 1993, her parents were killed by unknown criminals and is now homeless, she lives behind buildings and would steal food from stands. She was homeless until she was 9 years old when a priest found her stilling bread behind the church. Instead of turning her in to the police, he takes her in to take care of her for a long time, he gives her a cross necklace as a gift. When Charla turned 16 years old, Charla learned about what happened to her parents, She gets in full rage and runs away from the church trying to calm herself down. When she finally calmed down, she came back to the church to see nothing but fire, she watches as her home gets burn down to the ground with the man that took care of her inside, as she hears sirens coming closer, she runs in the forest and starts to cry, a tall demon with large horns came to her and told her who had done this. It turned out that it was the same people that killed her parents, their were her uncle and aunt that secretly hated charla and her family, they tried to kill Charla to make sure she won't find out. charla gets in rage. Zalgo told her that she can get her revenge if she becomes his proxy for the rest of her lives. He gave her the name Zaigoil, and also immortality so that she can work for him forever 

  • Childhood: her parents were killed when she was 5 and she became homeless until she was 9, a priest took her in when she was trying to steal bread. 
  • Adolescence/Teens: she got angry that the priest never told her about her past so she ran away to calm herself down. When she came back, she saw that her home that welcomed her, was covered with fire 
  • Adulthood: becomes a zalgoid and works for Zalgo for the rest of her life and is assigned to kill other monsters or people that have sinned. 


 Orientation: Straight 

 Relationship: white demon 

 Family: she has a mother and father, but she doesn't remember their names 

 Allies/Friends: none 

 Rivals: anyone that are enemies to Zalgo 


 Hair: dark brown

 Skin: pale

 Eyes: left: black with red pupil right: maroon

 Height: 6'2

 Weight: 156

 Body Type: B

 Outfit: short black tight long sleeved dress with a white cross

 Accessories: silver cross necklace (was a gift from her step father the pope)
 Distinguishing Features: has the zalgoid symbol scar on her back


 Disorder(s): anger issues, mutable personality disorder 

 Abilities/Strengths: strong, fast, intelligent, good hearing

 Weaknesses/Faults: her left eye is completely blind 

(Rate from 1-10, 10 being the highest/best)

 Intelligence: 10-10

 Strength: 8-10

 Speed: 7-10

 Agility: 8-10

 Endurance: 2-10

 Stamina: 2-10

 Balance: good on her feet

 Tolerance: 0-10


 - has a large fear of fire

 - has social anxiety 

 - short tempered 

 - has a thick Russian voice 

Sexy face choices
You can choose any of my female ocs with theses faces! So chose wisely! ^^
White rabbit portrait
My cp oc white rabbit! Was in art class bored so I drew this for our charcoal portrait project! Really liked how she turned out! Probably going to do Zaigoil next 
Draw ur OTP/squad challenge
Finally! I did it >:3 I finally did draw ur squad or OTP! You can use it as much as you want! Just please send me the link so I can see what you have done! Enjoy! ^^
Akiro Tesshi
Name: Akiro Tesshi

Hero name: The Seer

Age: 16

Gender: female

Quirk name: Laser eye

Quirk: Laser eyes (lasers that come out of her eyes) 

Effect: if she uses to much or to long, her eyes will start to bleed and her eye sight gets difficult for awhile so she has to use eye drops at times. She also gets major headaches 

Likes: fighting villains, cake, friends

Dislikes: being called short, staying put, spicy food, arrogant people 

Voice actress: dub- Cherami Leigh 

                     sub- Aya Hirano
Mika oc ref
Number: 143

Nickname: Mika (Sky) 

Age: 12???

Gender: Female

Species: human/bird 

Personality: shy, gullible, naive, sensitive, loyal 

Hair color: dirty blonde 

Skin color: peach 

Eye color: hazy blue 

Feather color: black 

Family members: doesn't have a family but looks up to doctor Roggers as a father she calls him papa. And sees sky as her big sister 

Abilities: her claws are extremely sharp and strong, and her wings are strong enough to create strong wind, so she became one of doctor roggers favorite subjects. And she has great eye sight 

Weakness: she may be swift in the air, but on the ground she is extremely clumsy from her big bird legs. And her hearing is not then best. 

Probs: she wears the shock collar when she gets out of control or disobeys her "father" 

Sky and doctor roggers belong to nightmarequeenkasei
Docter. Stein
Name: Victoria Stein 

Title: Doctor. Stein 

Catchphrase: Don't worry, I will make you into something beautiful 

Age: 45

Gender: female 

Personality: cold, sadistic, cruel, doesn't talk a lot, arrogant

Birth date: December 14th

Birth year: 1972

Country of birth: Norway

Hair color: jet black

Eye color: green

Skin color: pale peach

Scars/strange markings: a large claw mark on her left eye from on of her experiments

Bio: Victoria was raised in a very rich and strict household as the only child. Her parents dream for her was for her to become a successful doctor like her father. But Victoria had a very sadistic idea of what to do for her future, she wanted to combine animals with different animals to see how it works if they are combined. Soon enough her parents found out about this when she was 13. So they turned her in to a mental institute until she turned 24, when she was let go, she still had those sadistic feelings inside her, but kept it hidden. She steals her parents money and used it for a large hospital like building that keeps different experiments mixing humans with animals. To this day she stay in that hospital looking for experiments. She was the one that created Mika (N.455) and Gc (N.246). 


Mother: Maria Stein 

Father: Jospeh Stein 

Love statues: single 

Sexual orientation: pansexual 

Freinds: none  
I'm sorry that I haven't been on DA for awhile and haven't been posting anything, I will make sure to start drawing next week when! I just got zero motivation and I dropped my phone in water....again. so I am going to fix it and wait till next week. thank you all for waiting this long. just a little more ^^
What my mascot looks like (full body) this is actually my avatar from this really fun game called Unsion league! That's how I got the idea for my mascot Aki! (Aki is going to be the girls name) ^^
Happy Easter!
My mascot! I finally drew her! And since today is Easter, I am going to do a Easter style! Hope you like! ^^
so about GC....I am going to keep her, but she is not going to be my mascot anymore since I changed my name, so I am creating a new mascot and a amazing Icon artist is creating the icon (which I am extremely excited to see btw!) I am already creating the mascot and she is freaking adorable!!! 
Apr 16, 2017
:iconcherrybunnyaki:CherryBunnyAki has changed their username (formerly Galexy-Cat)
So I am going to get a core membership and change my name! I'm thinking something like CherryBunnyAki. But I'm not sure, any ideas?


CherryBunnyAki's Profile Picture
isabella rose
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Hallå! my name is Isabella! and I love anime and manga, my passion/talent is to draw anime, hope you enjoy my profile page! 0v0
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check out my playlist!!! just some songs that I listen to in my crummy life! ^^…
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Favroite shows: Naruto, FMA, future diary, Hetalia, miraculous ladybug, supernatural, black butler, AoT, HTF, Tokyo ghoul, Fate/zero, one punch man, Total Drama series, Inuyasha
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Favorite bands/singers: Vocaoloid, Hollywood undead, Skillet, Korn, Nightcore, Madame Marteniz

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Favorite songs: The Fox's Wedding, Piggy Pie, Mad hatter, Dollhouse, Carousel, secret of the goldfish, hymn for the weekend, royalty (these are some examples, if you want to see ALL of my fave songs....just check out my playlist above)

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     ,iハ! 〃  、  〃  、_ノ
      \.    -    /Y
        `ーr―r-r ィf 、
      ./ヽi.\\ヾ、!_ノ 八゙⌒^ト.
     ノ  .| Fト、:辷{/FT!r=、ノ:〉
    〈 -、,/{ ヾ-'\\└'‐ド二リ
     } ∨‐''¨二エ二エ._ー,}
     `七T¨「 ̄} | 〈 「ニス.
      〈;;} .i兀,! ト、{ {兀! }
       | ,!   /--}!   {
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check it out guys....Their is this really hot anime clip I saw on Youtube.....check it out Niky Purple Devil Pervert 



I love my new name!!! ;;;
Sun Apr 16, 2017, 3:52 PM
Requests are now closed. But art trades are open!
Sun Feb 5, 2017, 1:46 PM
Requests are now open! just go check out the journal! and make sure to check out my art trade journal as well~
Sun Jan 1, 2017, 8:58 PM
IM SO BORED!!!! is their anyone that wants to do an AT?! come on people!!! XD
Sat Dec 31, 2016, 2:41 PM
art trades and ask Gc anything is reopened!!! :D
Tue Dec 27, 2016, 1:13 PM
art trades and my questions are on hold until christmas is over
Fri Dec 23, 2016, 10:50 PM
Art trades are still open!! They close on January hurry before it is to late! XD
Fri Dec 23, 2016, 12:27 AM
Mon Dec 5, 2016, 10:41 PM
Jag har några goda nyheter, jag kommer att skapa en komisk kallas "bryta punkten". Om du undrar varför jag talar svenska är att denna serie kommer att vara svenskt tema, kommer jag se till att göra översättningen av detta
Thu Nov 24, 2016, 9:45 PM
My art trades are still open guys!!!!
Tue Nov 22, 2016, 10:33 AM


I'm thinking of changing my name to MikaInk what do you think? 

11 deviants said Do whatever you want
9 deviants said That's a cute name! Yeah change it to that!
7 deviants said No~ keep your name Galexy-Cat


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